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Are you looking for a Male Stripper, to get the party started for a Ladies night, Hen Night, Private Party or special event? Then Tyson Brown is perfect for you.

Tyson Brown, is a hot, energetic, charismatic stripper from South London.

He has been strong on the scene for the past 10 years and has already developed a strong following and his own unique style of entertaining.

He always delivers a powerful, thrilling, seductive performance, filled with charisma and charm. 

Tyson is known for his ability to adapt to any situation that arises. He will fulfill your fantasies and desires with his collection of sexy outfits.

The lean sleek Tyson's best features are his flawless abs and kissable lips, not to mention his skills as an entertainer and dancer.

Sexy black male stripper and model who covers London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Kent and surrounding areas.

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